About Me

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First things first, I have a bit of an obsession with many many things but mainly with:
the marvels of yoga, the inner-workings of the body, the digestive system, how it connects the mind and the body, and all of it’s mysteries;
learning about sciences - bio-chemistry, food sciences, genetics, environmental sciences, all of it;
art, all forms of art, and whether we experience creating art or being present to art, how if affects us, on all levels; 
and with listening, sharing and connecting.  Our planet, this wonder-making universe, is my guide.
Early on, I began to explore conscious thought, removing my goggles and seeing the world with fresh eyes, every day.  I continue this journey today, focussing on self-empowerment and acceptance, good food, the healthy body and mind, the awareness of how my inner world, my “self”, interacts with the outer world, and my family, friends, people I encounter.   A healthy mind and heart are essential to a healthy body.

I practice and teach a mindfulness based yoga practice, specializing in pre-natal, mom and baby, family, and adult deep stretch yoga, focussing on digestion and the lymphatics system, healing and exploring our bodies, and an open free-flow of thought in the present moment and emotional awareness.  This flows into my philosophy of food, our bodies and health, and how we choose to live this wonderful life.

I graduated from McMaster University in 1997 with a B.A. in Anthropology. I would do it again, and more.  Then went on to continue studying all sorts of wonderful life-changing and empowering areas of inner health and anatomy.

A little while later (okay, lots of years later, after settling into life with my best friend and soul mate and having two glorious kids), and after more than a decade in the corporate realm, I began to formalized my many years of exploring nutrition and delving deeper into the yoga I enjoyed growing up with my mum, which at the time was called “stretching”, this makes me smile every time.  Along this journey, I became interested in supporting women during childbirth and occasionally attend births as a doula and couples birthing coach.

I became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist studying at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2008 (CSNN), and immediately followed this up with a year-long intensive study of yoga philosophy and asanas, formalizing my study of yoga by acquiring my Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher training.  I continue my study into yoga and nutrition, the healthy mind and body, and the deeper self, a life-long journey that is full of new and wonderful insights and people. My thanks to my friends, family, mentors and teachers along the way (you know who you are... many blessings to you).
Let’s explore together.

Favourite Recipe
Morning Smoothie
1 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
1 cup spinach or kale
1 small beet
1 med carrot
2 tbsp ground raw flax seed
1 inch of fresh ginger
(optional 1 cup kefir or yoghurt, other berries, handful of raw almonds)
add enough water, coconut water, or almond milk to just cover the contents and blend until smooth.