Kirstin Randall-Gan, BA, RHN

Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher


Live Joy Health has been born out of a love of life, health, all things natural, & the beauty of simplicity.


I teach yoga, offer nutritional & wellness counselling, and take great pleasure in filling my brain with info about our world and our bodies.

To stretch my mind, my soul and nourish my body - that’s a great life.

Mindfulness-based classical Hatha yoga with a specialty in breath-work and relaxation. pre-natal, seniors, and adult deep stretchy yoga, and can often be found stretching in family yoga and private schools. Teaching to all ages and stages for nearly a decade.

Natural eating, digestion and whole-food whole-body detoxification. Detailed and supportive Nutritional counseling and wellness support, drop-in appointments and goal-setting packages.

Loving yourself,
your whole you.